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Our handheld POS system combines the power of advanced hardware and user-friendly software powered by AI, to streamline your entire grocery store management process.

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To drive impact through inclusiveness and sustainability of small businesses within communities across MENA and emerging economies.

Transforming the Landscape

Revolutionizing the way communities interact and thrive, by creating an innovative ecosystem that digitally transforms traditional physical corner mom-n-pop shops. Our aim is to create a sustainable impact for the community at large.

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Become part of our growing community commerce platform, where convenience and profitability unite.

By providing an advanced handheld POS system, 24SEVEN has created an ecosystem to empower communities by offering convenience, profitability and efficient management to grocery stores and baqalas.

Experience Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you with any questions or issues you may have, ensuring a smooth transition to our system and continuous success thereafter.

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Embrace Evolution.

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24SEVEN is Revolutionizing MENA Region with the Launch of 24SEVEN Optima

24SEVEN is revolutionizing traditional farm-to-table & FMCG value chain with digitization & innovation. We are powering community commerce by offering impactful solutions to retailers. We offer tools and platforms that enable retailers to optimize their inventory management, automate processes and gain insights into consumer behavior.

Additionally, 24SEVEN offer solutions to retailers so they can adapt to ever-changing consumer demands, such as personalized marketing, e-commerce integration and Omni channel experiences. Through effective synergy and collaboration, we are creating a digitally-enabled community commerce platform.

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